Become influential virtually overnight!

This report reveals the hidden hacks that make people care about you, your brand or cause when they go to bed at night.  

How to build a cult-like following


Don't you hate when you buy a book and it's filled with stuff you already know? 

I hate buying books then realizing there's just nothing actionable in it.

My purpose in writing is to squash this terrible practice.

We're tired of the same old cliche self-help guru thoughts.

We want new ideas!

That's what I bring to the game. 


I strip away the garbage and provide a tight informative roapmap to social media authority.

When I wrote this report, I wanted to present things people may have never thought of.

I filled this volume with things you can implement IMMEDIATELY!

Alan from says he was using the tactics in my book LIVE as he was reading it and saw an immediate boost in engagement.

That's what my book is all about.


Who wants thousands of followers if they never click a link? Retweet, comment or like?

My report peels back the curtain on what REALLY keeps people engaged in YOU. 


"Honestly, the content in the book OVER-delivers and Bryan's writing is fun to read as well." – @Pharmacy_trader

"...cheat-codes to marketing. My Twitter has blown up since applying 3 of them." – @RealDylanMadden

"A marketing firm needs to hire this man. He's a genius." – @CurtisBader  

"I'm having a lot more fun on the platform. Getting tons more engagement." – Amazon Purchaser

"40 pages into your book. It's great. High level vision. Applicable to any niche, goal or cause." – @HatimLRB

"Very dope and informative. Def using these tactics to level up the pages I currently run." – @MsProsper

Dilbert Creator, Scott Adams, talks about me

What you get when you read this report:  

  • Branding secrets broken down into 3 elements
  • How to make content marketing viral
  • Great for bootstrapped projects and shoestring budgets
  • Learn how to craft the perfect blog post
  • Search Engine Optimization guide with all the meat and no fat
  • Using hashtags effectively
  • The science of Twitter threads
  • Manipulating Twitter algoritms
  • The mystery behind bots that allegedly interefered with our elections
  • How to write viral tweets every time
  • Creating the perfect profile and bio
  • The science of retweets and quote retweets
  • How to deal with trolls and trolling
  • Networking with influencers for your benefit
  • Dramatically boost your engagement
  • A "massive shift in thinking", says The Alpha Persona Blog
  • 112 pages packed with hacks you can try right now!

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