Twitter Marketing Demystified

Explode your Twitter engagement overnight. Get more retweets, likes, and replies by following this easy to read manual on Twitter marketing.

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How to build a cult-like following

A different approach to marketing that allows you to be lazy and get better results than people that poor blood, sweat, and tears into their work

The average noob social media "guru" will say that you need to tweet more.


They'll say that you must create content.

WRONG again!

Imagine an approach to Twitter marketing that allows you to be lazy and never create a single piece of content.

That's exactly what I offer...

...although this manual does coach you through content marketing we don't focus on that.

And that's where all these other guys go wrong.

What I offer you is the secret to hacking people's minds for engagement.

You will learn how to be yourself and connect with people with like interests.

What you will find in this manual are things that will drastically change your outlook on marketing.

You will discover things that go against what the other so-called "gurus" say are "best practices".

There are things in this manual, I can guarantee, you will NEVER find anywhere else.

You will have access to exclusive knowledge that only an elite few have had the privilege of accessing.

I want you to swear to never give this manual to anyone else.

Since you paid for this manual with your hard-earned cash why should they reap the benefits without the commitment?

Besides, I don't need my secrets falling into the wrong hands without compensation.

Are you ready to transcend the competition and access a hidden potential you never knew you had?

Get the formula that turned me into one of the Twitter Elites and feel the joy of being massively influential.

Picture yourself being in the shoes of these guys who have had their Twitter lives changed FOREVER

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Do you belong to one of these growing groups? 

If so, get ready to astonish your friends and co-workers by transforming yourself into one of the most influential people they know

  • Politician
  • Campaign Manager
  • Small Businesses
  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Social Media Managers
  • Marketers
  • Founders and CEOs
  • Non-Profit Organizations / NGOs
  • Bloggers
  • Music Artists
  • Record Labels
  • Models
  • Brands
  • Influencers

I tweeted 12.9% less this month and my impressions increased by 34.3%!


What you get from this manual:

  • Lesson 1: 3 Elements of Branding
  • Lesson 2: How to make content marketing viral
  • Lesson 3: Brand bootstrapped projects and shoestring budgets
  • Lesson 4: Learn how to craft the perfect blog post
  • Lesson 5: Search Engine Optimization guide with all the meat and no fat
  • Lesson 6: Using hashtags effectively
  • Lesson 7: The science of Twitter threads
  • Lesson 8: Manipulating Twitter algoritms
  • Lesson 9: The mystery behind bots that allegedly interfered with our elections
  • Lesson 10: How to write viral tweets every single time
  • Lesson 11: Creating the perfect profile and bio
  • Lesson 12: The science of retweets and quote retweets
  • Lesson 13: How to deal with trolls and trolling
  • Lesson 14: Networking with influencers for your benefit
  • Lesson 15: Dramatically boost your engagement
  • 112 pages packed with hacks you can try right now!  

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